Corner log cabins

From small gazebos and gazebos to magnificent log cabins that are used as holiday homes, you will find these at Lugarde. We also offer luxurious garden houses that can be found in gardens of European royal houses. Lugarde products are versatile and we can fulfill almost any wish.

But what characterizes us? Why do customers order from Lugarde? Since 1978, Lugarde has been producing top-quality garden houses and other roofs. This expertise can be found in every garden house down to the smallest detail. We are the market leader in the Netherlands and England.

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It is natural for us to always deliver a quality product. To achieve this, many parts are included in the price as standard. Three-point closures with SKG quality mark (2 stars), HR ++ double glazing in our windows and doors, boiler pressure-impregnated foundation beams and much more.

For a top quality garden house, optimum wood quality is required. Lugarde uses high-quality wood from northern countries. The wood is particularly strong due to the cold climate. Lugarde dries all its wood in drying rooms. This limits shrinking and expansion of the wood and improves quality.

Corner log cabins

Author: Mike Veisel

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